A Destination wedding for everyone…LOVE is LOVE!

because it does not matter with who…the 2016 has been the year of the civil-union marriages. An historic turning-point event for same-sex couples who have been awaiting this moment for ages, the day to finally say the fateful “Yes, I Do”.
Dozens still to officiate, even hundreds to celebrate! Since the “Cirinnà Law” has entered into force, over a thousand or so has chosen Italy as their destination wedding nest to celebrate their love unions.

 As any respectable and perfect marriage, also in this case, and perhaps even more, the location is the key to better express the joy and the satisfaction of seeing how a dream comes true. Whether it’s a couple who prefer to experience a civil ceremony or prefer a day to live as a proper solemn weeding, the location chosen to celebrate the wedding is a reflection of what the newlyweds want to express to family and friends.

An assistance from A to Z in any wedding and reception you might choose, either an intimate wedding in a breathtaking villa with 10 guests on the Amalfi Coast, or an extravagant wedding day in a castle with 200 guests in Umbria, Tuscany, Lake Garda and so on. We will be delighted to support you from the “Planning Stage to the Honey Moon” …


a destination wedding for everyone

For an unconventional wedding, you will be guided step-by-step with the personalization of Invitation cards, wedding-wesites, videos to post on facebook and all the possible remarkable ways to disclose your wedding date.
The wedding favours, the wedding outfit, the joyous music to choose at your entrance…Cira Lombardo has plenty of creative options to show you for your love union and rainbow party.


We loudly believe in Love with non-discrimination, because LOVE is LOVE and we think everyone deserve their dream destination wedding.

Just get in touch and be astonished!