Sleepless because of a wedding in Capri dream? … well if you dream it, then you can do it, or even better…

You dream it, We make it!

One of the most astonishing island of the Mediterranean sea, Capri offers so many natural beauties that it will take your breath away. There are so many reasons to get married in Capri that you will just say: …Why not? Let’s do it!

Natural beauties with breathtaking views from every corner of the isalnd and up its mounts

Position even though it is an island, Capri is very well served and very easy to be reached by public and private sea transports

Food the most appreciated cuisine of the mediterranean places, your guest will be delighted

Entertaiment Capri is the island that never sleeps, you will find 24h Entertainment for all tastes!

imperial table capri

Give to your guests a very authentic Capri experience by the Mediterranean sea by planning a wedding week-end for all your dearest guests for istance by having a pre-dinner to welcome them the day before your Big Day and by booking a boat tour for eveyone to enjoy the sun of Capri on the last day after the wedding day to visit the Blue Grotto and the Faraglioni Rocks, the most famous natural attractions of the island.

However, in order to be sure that everything goes right on your Big Day and for the rest of the holiday, we recommend to entrust the planning of your wedding in Capri or Wedding week-end to a local Event Creator such as Cira Lomardo since the transfer logistics in Capri are not so easy for those who are not from the Island.


 Flower scenic design of a Wedding in Capri

floral arch_ naples view


Religious Catholic Ceremony

In Capri and Anacapri there are a number of chirches where to celebarte the Catholic rite.
The parish church and the Archdiocese of Sorrento/Castellammare (which includes also Capri) prefer to have direct contact with the couple only and their wedding planner, while friends and relatives are not admitted as intermediaries. Generally speaking, only locals can get married with a Catholic rite on the island of Capri. While foreign couples are not allowed to get married with a Roman Catholic ceremony unless they are Italian citizens residing abroad  or unless the receive approval by the local Bishop who will release the authorization after the couple has sent a motivational letter to the Parish church beside all the necessay documentation. There is also a small evangelical german church where Protestant rite weddings can be celebrated. Celebrations are free of charge, but are well accepted spontaneous donations.

Civil Ceremony

In the municipality of Capri it is possible to get married in the City Hall right in the very famous square with the tower clock called Piazzetta, or you can choose to celebrate in plenty other panoramic venues such as terraces and gardens:

  • Giardini di Augusto (in front of Faraglioni rocks)
  • Belvedere di Tragara (in front of Faraglioni rocks)
  • Belvedere di Punta Cannone
  • Villa Lysis (Fersen)
  • Certosa di San Giacomo

While in Anacapri it is possible to celebrate in very evocative places such as:

  • Il Faro
  • La Migliera
  • Damecuta
  • Cetrella
  • I fortini di Orrico e Mesola

In these places it is necessary to pay a fee, otherwise you can choose the City Hall.

wedding capri piazzetta

Symbolic Ceremony

You can celebrate symbolic weddings everywhere in Capri. Usually the best venues are: Giardini di Augusto, on the panoramic view point overlooking the Faraglioni rocks.


May to September is the best period to celebrate a Wedding in Capri! What are you waiting for?

Capri is the island of Love, the perfect set to create a dream wedding which turns into a fairytale when the event is signed by Cira Lombardo who dreams about things that do not exist and says: …Why not?