Why from Venice with Love?!

Thinking of getting married in Italy? Spend unforgettable moments in the most romantic city of the world and send the Invitation Cards to your guests from VENICE with Love!

Spending  a few dasy in Venice with your love and getting married in Venice means to create the most unforgettable event of your life!

Are you ready to celebrate Love and Carnival in Venice? There are many famous celebrations of Carnival around the world, but amongst the most famous Carnivals around the globe, it is surely the one in Venice the most romantic!

From VENICE with Love!


Well, now it is the right time of the year to create special and unconventional Weddings…from Venice with Love!

Celebrating a wedding party, a special date to remember, a Birthday party or any other exclusive event in your life could be memorable and unique when you live it up in a extraordinary place such as Venice…which during the Carnival, attracts more than 1 million visitors. “The floating city” boasts with history, colors, quirky masks and thousand of people flocking on the streets.

There is one thing people love the most of this festivity…the CREATIVITY, and only an Artist such as Cira Lombardo can create unusual and rare events with plenty of fantastic ideas!



A seating chart and the table cards with the masks and their names based on their styles…Bauta, Colombina and The Plague Doctor or a musical themed wedding and masks to list a few ideas…



An entire wedding inspired by the italian carnival can be too strong for someone so we can use just a few details that refer to this ancient festive tradition such the eighteenth-century style wedding dress for the bride to be ample, voluminous and spectacular and not necessarily white or just a simple and sinuous dress but enriched by the precious mask which will precisely match with the mask of her future groom.

The bridesmaids and the bride’s friends will play a part in order to gain the perfect performance of the scenography with similar dresses and masks, in sharp contrast with the newlyweds.


The wedding or party favours for your guests could be little masks made in porcellain and positioned in precious boxes made by Cira lombardo. Don’t forget to give a look at the exclusive locations overlooking the Canal Grande of Venice such as “The Westin Europa&Regina”

A carnival Party could also have a special theme and to enjoy the entire event it be characterized by a designated smart and funny photobooth..or a dream scenic design such as the casino themed party and so on….



Always remember that Cira Lombrado’s ideas are unlimited!