Procida is the smallest and the most colorful island of the gulf of Naples and it’s right …between the Sea and Sky with its small fishermen little houses!

It is at just 40 minutes by hydrofoil or a bit more by the ferry-boat but it still the closest one and it is reachable even from two cities of the coast, from the harbors of Naples and Pozzuoli.

procida...between the sea and sky

Just a few days ago the Mayor of Procida has declared that from now on it is possible to celebrate weddings anywhere on the island as he had so many enquiries from all over the world that he couldn’t say NO to all those loving English, French, Dutch, American and Asian couples who did come in Procida for a short holiday in the past and got in love with its locations…and the best way to celebrate their love is to tie the knot right here where maybe they got engaged…

Here any place of the island takes to the sea walking for only 200 metres… therefore it will be possibile to celebrate civil and religious weddings in any place you might prefer…on the fantastic, solitary and intimate beaches, on breathtaking terraces of hotels and restaurants overlooking the sunset and the gulf of Naples and its Vesuvio, or in a church just facing the main harbor or the principal beaches…

Procida...between the sea and sky!

Those couples who want to celebrate a more casual, informal and youngish way, enjoying the sun and dancing by the sea over the fresh sand or on the waterfront locations can chose among the well-known spots such as:

the Ciraccio rocks

the beach of Pozzo Vecchio

the Chiaiolella beach

they capture the essence of the island emotions and are the most sought-after settings for the wedding shootings as a few of those places had also a leading role in many renowned movies like “Il Postino”.


procida...between the sea and sky

An event led by Cira Lombardo Event Creator on the beaches of Procida, with a marine style wedding theme, with light blu and white colors, sea stars, candles, seashells and hydrangeas all around, the love table on the sand … it will just take your breath away…