Do you want to blow your guests’ mind?…well then a “Love Boat Wedding” is right the best thing to choose for your big day!

The most original wedding idea for the 2017 is a navy themed wedding to celebrate your love on on a boat, or better say a sail boat…what’s more romantic than this?

the wedding love boat

Close your eyes and try to imagine…

You and your spouse, braided looks. All around you, only the sea and the waves will lull you.
You can hear the seagulls flying in the sky, and the sun accompanies your love towards your “Yes, I Do”… forever

For those couples who love the sea or the lake, these are the best locations for such event full of pure romance, especially on the warmer seasons.

the love boat wedding

What about the costs?

It depends on the rental cost of the boat and on the crew. Once you have a proper guests list ready, then you can start thinking at the boat size. If you wish to celebrate with a religious ceremony then you need to opt for a priest agreeable to say Yes and celebrate the wedding in the middle of the sea, because the Captain has the legal power to celebrate weddings on board only for serious causes. However, having a priest on board is not an appropriate idea for those who are superstitious, as it brings bad luck!!!

the wedding love boat

White and blue as predominant colors, white flowers all around and plenty of candles everywhere on the mis en place at the sunset…

The Wedding banquet on board will be a bit more expensive than the one on a terra firma but the sea and the sail lovers will not be able to resist to this original trend which will turn your big day in an intimate wedding dream!