Turned into a phenomenon or better yet a Trend, Destination Weddings have our “Belpaese” as inspiration muse.

lake cities Destination wedding

Itlay is a synonymous of Art, Traditions, Style, Beauty, Fine Cuisine, Flavors, Fragrances, Colors, Love
and everything in turn stands for Marriage!!

However, it is not about a simple wedding, but a “Fairytale Wedding” or in other words, “Matrimonio da favola”, that everyone dreams at least once in life.

fairytale destination wedding italy

And when I say everyone, I mean not only Italians, I intend instead all the Lovers in the world who want to get married here, right in our beautiful country, l’Italia!

The Italian wedding makes everybody happy, from the Hollywood Stars to the Indian Sultans, from the conservative Japanese to the Arab Sheikhs, from the faraway Australians to the neighboring Latins …

The whole world is in love with the “Made in Italy” style, with the simplicity, the authenticity, the excellence and the passion that only the “Italian wedding” is able to convey.

Our country, leader in “Destination Weddings” now boasts at least over 1 million foreign visitors who choose to celebrate the most important day of their life with culture and authenticity.

italian wedding destination

The “Dolce Vita-style” wedding has now been joined precisely by the phenomenon “Destination Wedding“, a new trend that features, as leading scenarios, the city of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, the islands such as Capri, Sardinia, and how about Tuscany region, the historic cities as Rome and those ones with the lakes as Como.. all favorite destinations for VIPs and not only!


… And you? What are you waiting for? Get your Ideal Destination Wedding right here!

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