Destination Wedding in Rome is like an old-style movie…

Are you thinking to plan where to elope with your future groom?

And what’s better than arranging a Destination Wedding?!

Have you fallen in love with one the most ancient city in Italy during a past vacation?

Well, then it feels like natural to get married in Rome! One of the most romantic elopement location in Italy.   

The so-called “eternal city” is so rich of art, architecture and history . . . that you will feel like diving into the past… just close your eyes and start to imagine! Rome has plenty of churches and locations where to fulfill the Wedding of your dreams. Several romantic places and monuments will be the background of your big day’s pictures.

Destination Wedding Rome

Imagine yourself captured somewhere like Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, the Colosseum or the Pantheon where you might be inspired by the most famous old-fashioned movie “Roman Holiday” filmed in the 50’s, while starring in your photos exactly like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

Destination Wedding Romedestination wedding rome

A Fiat 500 or a Vespa will be your unique “vintage gateway lines” for your ideal elopement – or now you might want to call it “Ideal Destination Wedding”- taking you around the city!

…And you could dress up in a “princely” short wedding dress like princess Ann, adding original details such as colored shoes, while your spouse could wear a simple but elegant suit with a colored tie just as your shoes!!!

Destination Wedding Rome


An amazing venue overlooking the Colosseum will welcome you and your dearest guests with a jazz musical backup…And what about the bouquet? Get inspired by a symbolic Peonies or English Roses bridal bouquet. Once your big day is over, and you are not leaving for the honeymoon right away, a recovery brunch the day after could be a great idea to thank the guests that are still in town and to ensure that your intimate and sweet destination wedding could have been remembered just like a once in a lifetime event, “let’s end it with a bang”…a Tour by Vespa for everyone to enjoy Rome.

ride on a vespa - italy wedding destination