Italian style wedding

Destination wedding Dream? Yes, I Do…but in Italy! 

The fateful day of the “SI, LO VOGLIO” in Italy – or rather, “YES, I DO” – comes after a short holiday of the couple who visited one of those leading wedding destinations where they got engaged with sweet promises of love, at least 1 year before.

Amalfi Coast Wedding Destination

Perhaps even on a terrace of a beautiful hotel in the Amalfi Coast, such as in Ravello, overlooking the sea and where they thought then of wanting to get married the next year, right there, exactly on that terrace or in the beautiful lemon gardens of the unmistakable scenery of Sorrento, so that to give the possibility to all their dear ones to live and share the same emotions those places conveyed to them too.

The wedding itself will still be intimate and celebrated with the people they love the most, in a place that has a significant value and a personal meaning for the couple.

Just choose location and date and you’re done! … Passports are not always necessary!

The idea is that the Destination Wedding is a result of a real “getaway” for all the guests who, besides being happy for the newlyweds vowing eternal love to each other, they are excited by the fact that they will also be, therefore, the protagonists of a wonderful “Italian Experience”!

The importance of this event is such that it is necessary to require the support of an expert in the “Made in Italy Weddings” industry, and in order to turn the dream into reality, the professionalism and the creativity of an Event Planner as Cira Lombardo is inevitable, just count …

     1… Italy destination wedding                2…Italy destination wedding           3…Italy destination wedding  … Et voilà!

Cira Lombardo and her team will follow the couple step by step from the date and the location choice, to the creation of the guest list, from the conception of invitation cards and wedding-website to the logistic communications support for all guests arriving from all over the world – from the pre/post-wedding Parties to all “Leisure events” such as, boat tours to the island of Capri or Italian cooking classes with renowned starred chefs within the beautiful walls of Zeffirelli villas among magnificent floral panoramas and so on …

… After all, it can truly be said that the couple will have the world at their feet !!!