I take on new challenges


A Classy woman, a loving mother, a successful entrepreneur.
Cira Lombardo’s events are characterized and described by a mix of 4 elements which embody her motto: Elegance, Emotion, Essential, Creativity. Together with her team, she takes care of the event in deep, she works for the love of it also throughout the country, winking at the foreign countries…her next targets!
The goal is to create an unforgettable atmosphere for the Big day of the couples who rely on her, but she never overshadows the focus on the budget. As a first source of inspiration, Cira Lombardo uses the feeling created with her couples since the first appointment in her office, especially with the brides, which she calls “her girls.” Such complicity often brings on the leitmotiv that characterizes each entire event, transforming it into something unique, unrepeatable, and a tailor made event for the newlyweds.
Her open mindedness is of prime importance; she makes her work a pleasure. Everything around us can be transformed, reused or employed as a source of inspiration so that to add those magical details and those extra special touches required by the couples which are led by Cira Lombardo: a trip, a song, a dance, a performance.